Little Creatures

Little Creatures

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

CoP: character concept

"you will find yourselves in this cage, and you're ready to risk your life, again"

i still can't think of a decent title, so i guess this will do :[ welp character concept for my another ori  craps Cage of Paradise. at last i can think of a decent plot for thisssssss /ishappy

sooooo to sum things up. it will be like... 

"when you're awake, you'll find yourselves in an unfamiliar place and you can't recall how did you end up here or who you are.

besides you, there's a piece of letter and it will be explaining your current situation"

"welcome to the Cage of Souls, you are chosen to take part in the Game of Revival. The game is simple, you only need to collect your memories and the Mother Fragment to fill up the Virgin's Womb.

and when the womb is full, you will have the chance to break out this cage

but becareful, we cannot guarantee your safety in this Cage. many other souls are also searching out the exit to this place.

i hope you enjoy your stay in this cage.

sincerely, the WATCHER"

not that i'm good of making story or anything so yeah.
i really hope i can draw better thingssss sobbsobb lksjfkldsf 

more to come sooonnnn

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