Little Creatures

Little Creatures

Friday, August 26, 2011

MTP: Theressa

Kingdom of RED
Name: Theressa
Age: 18
Race: Human
Position: The Next Generation Queen of Red Kingdom


  • Pretty Dresses
  • Justice
  • Her Kingdom
  • Weakling
  • Corruptions
  • People who takes advantages from other
"This is MY kingdom and you shall do what I SAY"

Theresa is very Bossy and temperamental. she rarely smiles and gets angry to anyone very quick. so it's kinda normal seeing anyone get scolded by her. she may seem annoying but she really cares for justice and her kingdom. hoping she would be a great queen someday.

and she's very blunt and cannot lie. she will start stuttering if she's lying

note: she will have a fit if she don't get her daily new dress

<s>history coming soon</s>


  1. ohgod mani///
    cant say anything but how you do character designs is just pure awesomeness//// <3333

    will be there kingdom of black? *U*

  2. @saku sankyu hoonnn ;u; uhuu you praise me too mucchhhh ;u;;

    well there's a kingdom of black 8D tapi karena kapoerang kerajaannya jadi jatuh gitu. jadinya sekarang ga ada kingdom of black. adanya land of Black 8DD /hopesthismakessense