Little Creatures

Little Creatures

Sunday, August 14, 2011

MTP: Katerpira

Name: Katerpilla (Kate for Short)
Age: 23
Race: Experimental Beast
Position: Administration
Partner: Bianca

  • Smoking Bubbles
  • Reading
  • Aroma therapies
  • Crowded place
  • Noisy peoples
  • Fire/hot
"Don't disturb me, I'm Reading"

Kate is very calm and wise. she really loves reading while smoking her bubbles and putting a relaxing aromatherapy around her.

but she can't really relax inside the Mad Tea Party Main room. since it's pretty crowded and noisy. so she tends to go the Mushroom Forest to Read.

Do not disturb her when she's Reading. she could kill you with her glare

Side note: she's actually a butterfly beast, but when she was young. some kids made fun of her and they burned her wings. since then she has a trauma to fire.

history might come laterr

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