Little Creatures

Little Creatures

Friday, August 12, 2011


Name: Chess
Age: 19
Race: Experimental Beast
Position: Assasination and Waiter
Partner: Alice
Special Ability: Shape Transforming (limits only to objects ex: teapots, utensils etc)

  • Messing around with peoples
  • Napping
  • Flirting With Random People
  • Ungrateful Bitches
  • When his nap is disturbed
  • Complicated clients
"Welcome to the party~"

Chess is a very playful person, he's rarely sighted with seriousness on his face.

well he's not the social type. he don't really like peoples on general.
but really he likes to act nice on people, well fake smiles are his forte

he's quite popular at the cafe, for both guys and girls. 

side note: he's one of the "BEAST" experiment test so his body is disproportional. but since he already get used to it, he could walk normally

history may come later

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