Little Creatures

Little Creatures

Friday, August 26, 2011

MTP: Jaques


Name: Jaques
Age: 19
Race: Experimental Beast
Position: Spy, Assasination
Partner: Chriss
Special Abilty: Light speed

  • Working
  • Getting things right (he's a perfectionist)
  • the members of Mad Tea Party
  • being bullied (which normally ends up him, crying)
  • peoples who harms the Mad Tea Party members
  • God

"I hope I'm doing this right..I hope so"

Jaques is Bianca's brother. opposite from lazy bianca. he's very hard working and nice, well and he's kinda easy to bully, he's also soft and kind of a crybaby.

he's currently working as a spy on the red kingdom. and currently being slaved by the red queens

notes: aside from his softness. he's a professional when he's on work. he can lie, kill or any other thing that you usually cannot see out of him

eh more info coming soon

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